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Nissan 4×4 vehicles have always had a presence in Australia. Although some in a limited number came through from the mid 1960’s on, the 1980’s was the boom time for off road vehicles.

The Toyota Landcruiser had cemented itself firmly in the market by 1980. It was big, robust and heavy duty. The Nissan patrol also hit the mark but slightly cheaper offering similar weight and performance statistics. It was rustic, suspension was hard , the vinyl seats excruciating and the drivability like an urban Sherman tank. Hopeless in traffic and a turning circle the Queen Mary could achieve. However right through the 1980 gradual improvements to the Nissan patrol made it more user friendly.

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By the late 80’s the Navara had hit the market also offering a new style of 4×4 experience. Looking back the Navara was a transition from the Datsun utes of the time to the 4×4 crew cabs of today. The engine was zippy and the drivability for the late 1980’s superb with power steer and cloth trim.
The decade closed with a new style patrol that definitely made its mark and held the market for the next ten years. Now a 3 door and a 5 door wagon this little beauty with its 3.0 litre RB engine (the same as the VL commodores) 2.8 diesel turbo and great 4.2 petrol gave the market a wake up call saying these are here to stay. Power steering, aircond, optional 7 seaters now convinced the buying public that the 4×4 was also at home in town with mum and the kids.
The 2.8 Diesel although a breakthrough in the 4×4 market proved to be as useful as a horns on a cow and soon the 3.0 turbo gave the extra people were wanting.
Nisan were also expanding on other models to enhance their SUV range, the Pathfinder, the X-trail, Dualis as the evolution progressed.
Nissan Patrol 4×4 comes of age in 97
The Patrol about 1997 came of age and this model continued until 2010 offering a range of features focussing on family driving, versatility and economy. Varied engines and levels of comforts were also offered . The latest generation of Nissan patrol from 2010 onwards is proving to be a top of the range model and sales now have reflected that as has Toyota landcruiser and other large 4×4 makes. Nissan Navara 201
The SUV market and the commercial markets now dominate Nissan with the Navara and dualis and Pathfinder.
In summery we all have a Nissan story , in a way I miss those early bone shakers, god help you hitting a pot hole at 60 kms or cornering in the wet but they were a challenge. May I also note rare to find these days as Rust destroyed most within 20 years of their life in Australia. You dont know what youre missing if you arent driven a Nissan.